Yummysoup! 2.3.4

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  • Import recipes from a web page
  • Full screen cooking
  • Create shopping lists
  • Comes with lots of recipes


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Yummysoup! is a simple yet excellent recipe management application.

Back in the day, everyone used to have a good old recipe book where they would write down their favorite recipes. Nowadays, the net makes it so much easier not only to find but also collect recipes from around the world.

One of the great things with Yummysoup! is that actually comes with recipes, and I don't mean a half dozen basic recipes, but rather a very large list of good, rich recipes, from cakes to main courses, appetizers or drinks. All recipes are organized in folders and you can create your own smart lists. The thumbnail view at the top is great to browse quickly through your ideas, or you can use the search function.

Yummysoup! best features though is its web importer. You can find any recipe online and easily import it into Yummysoup!, adding the image and organizing all the elements like ingredients, yield and directions. Yummysoup! also allows you to create your very own shopping list for each recipe.

To this day, Yummysoup! is the best application to add and manage all your favorite recipes on your Mac.

Foodnetwork.com auto importer. BHG.com auto importer. Autofill code changes.


  • Foodnetwork.com auto importer. BHG.com auto importer. Autofill code changes.

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Yummysoup! 2.3.4

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